SEVILLE: The Football Association has deplored the misbehaviour of some England hooligans in Seville ahead of the UEFA Nations League match.

A group of supporters were dispersed by riot police on Sunday night after supporters were seen kicking wing mirrors off parked vehicles and one man threw a glass at a passing car.

The FA said: “We condemn the unacceptable behaviour witnessed in Seville. With the Spain fixture still to come on Monday night, we urge those following the team to respect our hosts and act in a responsible manner.

“We will sanction any England Supporters’ Travel Club member found to be responsible for disorder.”

There were no reports of any arrests or serious injuries but the FA said it would work with police to help identify any England fans involved in trouble.

More than 100 England fans were arrested in Amsterdam¬†before England’s 1-0 win in a friendly against Holland in March.

Of the 13 who were identified as travel club members, one was given a life membership ban after throwing bicycles into the canal, while 10 others were given three-year suspensions.

Police say there were only three arrests from nearly 7,000 supporters who travelled from the UK to the World Cup in Russia in the summer.

Mark Roberts, UK football policing lead and deputy chief constable of South Yorkshire Police, said:¬†“It is therefore incredibly disheartening that again we have seen too many people who cannot behave themselves when travelling abroad to support the national team.

“It would appear the good behaviour in Russia was the exception rather than the new normality, and the scenes from overnight will undoubtedly influence the way in which future venues, and local police, plan for and approach England supporters.

“That is particularly unfortunate for the majority of decent fans who follow England. ”