BUENOS AIRES: Football was presented today to the world’s most powerful leaders as a force for good that has the potential to help them address some of the challenges faced in modern society.

During a speech at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, FIFA President Gianni Infantino highlighted that “there are at least five areas where football can convey a message of hope and be used as a powerful tool: economic growth, which includes infrastructural development, education, health, gender equality and integration, particularly for immigrants and refugees”.

During his address, he presented the “FIFA Football for schools project” and mentioned several examples from the countries present where football already is helping to achieve these objectives such as the use of football to teach life skills in schools across the world, integration of migrants through football projects and football clinics that address violence against women.

“Football can bring us together and make the world a more prosperous, educated, equal and, perhaps even, peaceful place. These are also the priorities of world leaders, and FIFA is honoured to be a credible and reliable partner for them,” added the FIFA President.