KEIR RADNEDGE in MADRID: Manager Jurgen Klopp was delighted more for his players and family than himself after Liverpool won a sixth Champions League by defeating Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 in Madrid.

Mohamed Salah made amends for his injury-wrecked final against Real Madrid last year by rifling the first goal from a second-minute penalty while Belgian substitute Divock Origi, in the final stages, punished Spurs’ failure to clear a corner.

The match was disappointingly scratchy but that did not affect Klopp’s delight.

He said: “Both teams had not played for three weeks so getting the rhythm was difficult and also there were the different circumstances with two English teams playing one another and, near the end, Alisson had to make a few saves.

“He played a sensational game and looked unbeatable and we also scored our goals at the right moments. Usually after a final I have to explain: ‘How did you lose this game?’ but this time I want to enjoy the moment for all the people round the world who were with us and are celebrating crazily.

“We had a sensational night but my feeling is mostly relief for my family because the last six times we always flew on holiday with a silver medal which doesn’t feel too cool so this time is completely differently.

“For our families it’s great and also for the players. We were all pretty much crying on the pitch because it was so big. It means so much to us.

“But I also know how Tottenham feel. They played a sensational season and would have deserved it but we scored the goals in the right moments. I told Mauricio Pochettino he should be really proud of what they did this season.”

This, insisted Klopp, was only a first step for his team.

He said: “We want to win things and this is only the start because it’s a wonderful age group who have the best time of their careers still ahead of them.”

Klopp, reminded that next year the final will be in Istanbul where Liverpool won the cup in dramatic fashion in 2005, said: “I have told UEFA already: We will be there.”