BUENOS AIRES: Manchester City’s record-breaking striker Sergio Aguero has said players are “scared” about the prospect of returning to action amid the coronavirus pandemic.

, says Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero.

The Premier League is hoping to resume the season on 8 June, which would require players to be be back in full training by 18 May. Clubs meet on Friday to discuss options for the restart.

But Aguero told an Argentinaian television channel: “I’m scared but I’m with my girlfriend here and I’m not going to be in contact with other people. I’m locked in my house but maybe I have the illness and I don’t even know.”

The Premier League has been suspended since 13 March because of coronavirus but all clubs remain committed to playing this season’s 92 remaining fixtures behind closed doors.

Aguero said he and his team-mates, will be “quite nervous and extra careful” when they return to work.

He added: “When one person is ill we will think ‘oh what’s happening here? I hope a vaccine will be found soon so that this all ends.”

Under hastily-composed rules players must arrive at training grounds in kit and wear masks at all times; they must not shower or eat on the premises, only essential medical treatment would be allowed, with all medical staff in full PPE and all meetings and reviews must take place virtually and off-site.

‘Farcical’ face mask proposals

Brighton striker Glenn Murray has said some proposed protocols around the Premier League’s return to action, such as wearing face masks, were “farcical”.

Murray said: “Face masks is going to be off-putting; it is not going to be natural. People will be ripping them off in games. It’s quite farcical.

“I understand why people are desperate to get football on. It has to be done in a sensible way and in the right time and in a way that is going to keep everyone safe. There will be ambulances at training and games. Is it fair to take those from the NHS? I don’t know.

“It is not just two squads, there is a lot more involved and it puts more people at risk.”