KEIR RADNEDGE REPORTING —- Days before Brazil, controversially, hosts the Copa America its football federation president has been suspended over allegations of sexual harassment and bullying.

Rogerio Caboclo has been barred for 30 days by the CBF’s ethics commission. The oldest vice-president, Antonio Carlos de Lima, will replace him.

Rogerio Caboclo . . .denies the allegations.Reports in Brazil say the allegations, which Caboclo has denied, included asking personal questions of a long-serving CBF employee, forcing her to eat a dog biscuit and calling her a 'bitch' as well as demanding the procurement and storing of alcohol in the restrooms adjoining his office.

This is the latest slice of turbulence to hit Brazilian football after the national team squad threatened to boycott the Copa because of the health crisis and governance issues.

Recent reports have suggested that control over the CBF is still being exerted – unofficially – by Marco Polo del Nero despite the imposition of a life ban by world federation FIFA.
Threat to Tite
Other weekend reports have suggested that Caboclo, before his suspension was ordered, was planning to replace national coach Tite and his staff with Renato Gaucho who is considered  a favourite of President Jair Bolsonoaro.
One week ago Covid crisis country Brazil was picked as last-minute host of the Copa America after Argentina followed original cohost Colombia in withdrawing from staging because of health security concerns.
Already a swathe of South American World Cup qualifying matches have been postponed because of international pandemic restrictions. Brazil has  the third-highest death rate in the world.

Bolsonaro has ridiculed social distancing restrictions and called for a return to normal life despite a slow vaccine rollout. His handling of the pandemic response is under investigation by a senate inquiry.

The Copa America is due to start on June 13 with matches being played behind closed doors in four stadia rather than the original eight: four cities: Brasilia, Cuiabá, Goiânia and Rio de Janeiro.