LONDON: European Leagues president Pedro Proença congratulated the 48th congress on football stakeholders’ credit in defeating the European Super League project.

Speaking in London, Proença said: “Together, we fought and defeated the European Super League and the attempt to create an elitist competition for the interest of only a few. We are the foundation of the European sporting model that all stakeholders in football embraced together during turbulent days”.

Proença, who is also Liga Portugal president, added “‘I would like this general assembly to be remembered as the moment when, all together and with a profound sense of unity, we are asserting and positioning domestic competitions at the centre of the football ecosystem.

“Only with strong, sustainable, and competitive football leagues will the entire industry and ecosystem benefit and thrive.”

New statutes and internal regulations included the granting of voting rights to associate members and a simple majority for decisions at Board level “which shall empower the Leagues’ executive body to act more rapidly and effectively.”