SANTA SUSANNA, Barcelona: The international sports journalists’ organisation AIPS joined the media indstry debate over the use of artificial intelligence and approved the following resolution:

After 100 years of existence, our association enters its new century with some new professional challenges to face. Our founders saw clearly into the future, they were driven by a correct vision of the evolution of our profession and now it is up to us to respond to the new needs, which are dictated by the use of advanced technology.

AI – We cannot deny it, we are under attack. The improper use of Artificial Intelligence can cause us very serious damage and the paradox is that they are using our production of years of work without asking our permission or even remunerating us adequately. Indeed they are also sometimes arrogant and go so far as to use the product of our work against us…. Furthermore, let’s not forget that the organizations that deal with doping and matchfixing have criminal purposes and want to pollute sport in order to manage it and for them Artificial Intelligence is a gift from heaven..

Rules – We welcome all the rules that international organizations are introducing or studying in depth, but we must also react and collaborate with those who believe that technology must help us progress and not ghettoize or destroy the foundations of a healthy and important profession .

Laws – Legislators must pass laws that defend our work and ethics to avoid the massacre of press freedom. We must also regulate the new journalistic and para-journalistic figures. Now the number of CCs (Contents Creators) is growing and in many cases the press conference rooms and mixed areas have experienced moments of heavy tension due to their unregulated presence.

The rights – The right to work for everyone is sacrosanct, but it is also necessary to regulate it to protect the rights of everyone, of the Content Creators themselves to prevent them from becoming slaves to logics, which have little to do with the freedom and independence of information . We must study new category frameworks and we must do it quickly, because the world of communication is constantly evolving. Let’s not forget that at the time of our birth as an organization controversy was raging, because the written press wanted radios out of stadiums… Every era must adapt to the evolution of the means of communication.

Tensions and horrible violence – The world is experiencing a moment of terrible tension and horrible violence: We will always be against invasions, the horrors of wars and we will always try to create bridges to re-establish relationships burned by bombs and hatred.